Fiesta Chicken and Rice…Easy, Cheap, Fast-Food

I have fallen in love with my go-to lunch…Fiesta Chicken and Rice. I am telling y’all it is the easiest lunch under the sun. And the best part? It is easy, cheap, shelf stable, HEALTHY, and yummy!

Fiesta Chicken and Rice

Cook the rice per the package instructions. This takes 90 seconds or 1 min in a lower wattage microwave. Be careful it will be very hot and steamy. If you are in a jam you can mix this up right in the Uncle Ben’s bag, or you can do what I do and dump all the steaming rice into a bowl.

Drain the chicken and mix with rice, 1-2 teaspoons of Mrs Dash, and salt if you need it.

That’s it…the whole thing happens in less than 2 mins! You can eat all of it or if you want to use it as a side dish divide it in half.


Calories calculated by My Fitness Pal.



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