Lunch @ Burge’s in the Heights

If you haven’t been to Burge’s in the Heights you need to go. Southern hospitality. Southern Food. Southern Flair. Burge’s will make you feel like you just sat down at your grandma’s kitchen table.

As I opened the door felt like I had come home which is a hallmark for me; I know I am going to enjoy my experience. The decor is classic cafe style. Booths flank both the right and left sides with tables in the center. You walk in put in your order at the counter and find a seat.  I let the waitress know this was my first time and asked what her favorite thing on the menu would be. Without any hesitation she said, “Catfish.” So I jumped right in and ordered the 5 piece. It comes with slaw, seasoned fries, hushpuppies (I ❤ hushpuppies), and your choice of tomato relish or bbq beans…since the only tomatoes I like are fried green ones, I went with the beans. Then before you know it, just like grandma’s, your name will be called when your order is ready and the food comes to you fast and hot.

The fish was perfectly fried. Each piece was crispy (not crunchy) and the USA Farm raised catfish on the inside was melt in your mouth, divine. The sides were equally good. Beans that weren’t mushy but creamy with a tangy sauce that had a hint of smoke. And the hushpuppies…oh…it did sadden me that I only had two—but oh, what a two; deeply golden brown with a blend of yellow cornmeal and spices…so good. I went with one of my blogger/writer buddies Bonnie. So it is her fault that now I am totally smitten with Burge’s and cannot wait until I get my next hushpuppy fix.

And for the Pièce de résistance, a fried chocolate pie! The texture of the pie crust was flaky and tender enclosing a deep semi-sweet cocoa pie filling. It was the perfect ending to a great meal.

Try Burge’s you won’t be disappointed. 



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